Gourmet Food & Wine Gifts Online


Traveling the world looking for gourmet delights? We love good food and good wine. If you want to share the most special of gifts with friends or family we have put together a collection of gourmet gift hampers which will be sure to please anyone who receives such a beautiful gift.

Our Gift Criteria:

When looking at the food and wine gift options we had several criteria:

  1. The food and wine must be world class!
  2. The produce must showcase the region of the world from which it originates.
  3. We must be able to specify what we want in the gift basket.

What we did:

Using the internet we found many hamper companies that produced food and wine hampers, surprisingly only a few allow us to build our own hamper of delicious gourmet delights for us to try.  Over a period of months we ordered a selection of regional gifts and hampers from around the world, ate, drank and reviewed! Someone has to do it!

The best gourmet gift hampers:

After much time and indulgence with both food and wine we found the winner! In Australia on the southern most state Tasmania where vineyards produce beautiful cool climate wines and the seafood is sensational we discovered a hidden gourmet basket company called Tasmanian Gourmet Gifts, with their easy to use custom hamper builder, we were overjoyed with a huge range of local produce that satisfied our gastronomic  cravings!

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